Vorsprung Corset

The best thing to ever happen to your Fox air shock.

"I ended up on a new Stumpy with Ohlins fork & shock. The Luftkappe mod you did on my Pike make this Ohlins a bit of a disappointment! The shock is ok but not as nice as the Fox with Corset." - Bruce Johnson, Idaho

Want more from your Fox air shock? Vorsprung's Corset sleeve delivers:

  • Coil-like feel and spring rate
  • Better small bump compliance
  • More mid-stroke support - no more wallowing
  • Plusher, slipperier feel
  • Superior traction
  • Bottomless big-hit feel
  • Predictable jumping characteristics
  • Compatible with standard Fox air sleeve seals
  • Easy to install - includes air shaft seals in kit

For the full technical rundown on how and why the Corset improves your ride, check out our Tech Blog. Interested in seeing how it improves on the Evol air cans? Check the difference.

The Corset is available to fit the following sizes and models of Fox air shock:


  • 7.25 x 1.75
  • 7.50 x 2.00
  • 7.875 x 2.00
  • 7.875 x 2.25
  • Specialized Stumpjumper/Camber specific
  • 8.50 x 2.50
  • Specialized Enduro (2.125-2.25" stroke - note that some 2013 model 26" Enduros use an 8.5x2.5 LV sleeve and will require a standard 8.5x2.5 Large Diameter Corset to match).
  • Trek Fuel EX DRCV
  • Trek Remedy DRCV

Corsets are not currently available for "Metric" sizes (eg 230x65).

Note: Small Diameter and Large Diameter refer to the shock's eyeletsize where the air can threads in, not the air can's volume or body diameter.

  • Float CTD (Small Diameter and Large Diameter eyelets)
  • Float X (all are Large Diameter)
  • Float R/RP/RP2/RP23 (all are Small Diameter)
  • Float Triad (all are Small Diameter)
  • DHX Air (all are Small Diameter)
  • Float Autosag models on Specialized Stumpjumper/Camber & Enduro (all are small diameter).

 Not sure whether you have a Large Diameter or Small Diameter eyelet shock? The shock on the left has the large diameter eyelet, the other two are small diameter.

Fitment note: Not every frame has sufficient clearance for a Corset air sleeve - this may include certain Specialized frames in certain sizes, we have not tried every combination! If there is ANY doubt whatsoever as to whether the Corset will fit, assemble the shock without air in it, mount it to the bike and cycle it slowly/gently through its travel. If it contacts the frame anywhere, don't ride it - just remove it, make sure it's undamaged and send it back for a full refund (minus shipping) along with the details of the make, model, year and frame size of your bike so that we can update our fitment database.

Installation & Setup Instructions: CLICK HERE