Fast Suspension

Fast Suspension CO3 Damper Unit

Our CO3 cartridge is a 3-way open cartridge. We have developed a unique compression block using a single knob. In the "pushed" position you adjust the low speed compression with a range of 24 clicks. In the "pulled" position you now adjust the high speeds with a range of 24 clicks as well. The setting range is very wide! you will definitely get the perfect setup for yourself. On the top cap, you find the low speed rebound adjustment knob with 24 clicks of rebound control. The high speed rebound is tunable via the shim stack on the internally rebound piston.

The assembly of the cartridge is done exclusively by us and free of charge

User Manual

The settings are as follows:

- Low speed compression - High speed compression
- Low speed rebound - Internally adjustable high speed rebound via shim stack.
- Progressive open bath performance (depending on the volume of oil) 

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