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Vorsprung Telum Pre Orders!

Custom tuned for YOU.

Facilitated by our exclusive tuning algorithms and our patent-pending Rapid Revalve system, your Telum will arrive custom-valved for you, your frame, your terrain and your preferences.

It will also arrive with the appropriate spring, the correct mounting hardware, and your personalized recommended starting points for the damper adjustments.

The Telum isn't our shock... it's your shock.

The Telum is truly unique, and jam packed with every imaginable feature:

  • Hit the ground running from the best possible starting point, with our customized Rapid Revalve tuning process delivering you personalized valving AND recommended settings.
  • Balance out your small bump compliance and chassis control with 18 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment 
  • Dial it in for the big hits with 12 clicks of high-speed compression adjustment
  • Tune your on-trail feel with 18 clicks of rebound adjustment
  • Zero in on the perfect amount of bottoming resistance with 18 clicks of hydraulic bottom-out adjustment, active over the last 15mm of shock stroke.
  • Save your shock - low-profile polymer spherical eyelet bearings to eliminate sideloads, prevent corrosion, minimize weight, reduce friction and reduce wear.
  • Save your frame - our exclusive self-centering eyelet reducer hardware prevents shock-to-frame contact by limiting the range of motion of the spherical bearings.
  • Save your legs - with a firm lockout mode for the long climbs
  • Wide compatibility - fits most frames.
  • MSRP $2000 including spring and reducer hardware.
  • Available in all standard metric strokes from 47.5mm to 75mm
  • Available in trunnion and standard (spherical) eyelet
  • Shocks will begin shipping first week of June, 2024.