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  • Full rebuild and clean
  • Vacuum bleed damper cartridge
  • Sized bushings
  • High Quality low friction wiper seals
  • Anti foaming oil in damper cartridge
  • Lower leg splash lube
  • Clickers set back to original setting or to recommended start point
  • Nitrogen gas in air chamber

Performance Service $250.00

Please note: All upgrades on brand new suspension will get a discount as they will not need everything a Performance Service offers!

Please get in contact before sending suspension in for all upgrades as we might have to order in!

Vorsprung Fractive Fork Tuning System

Vorsprung Fractive Fork Tuning System - Fox Fit4 Dampers

Make your Fox fork FIT4SHREDDING with our exclusive YouTuned Fractive Valve system.

Fractive Features

  • Vorsprung-exclusive Fractive high performance compression piston for Fit4 dampers
  • Vorsprung-exclusive YouTune Online Tune Calculator
  • Custom compression valving tailored to your preferences & requirements
  • 3 position switch becomes true high speed compression (HSC) adjuster with little low-speed impact
  • Low speed compression adjuster more usable than before - works in all HSC modes
  • Support where you need it, compliance where you don't
  • Allows for linear valving to improve support and adjustability without harshness
  • Available for user-install or Vorsprung install
  • Tested and tuned in the harshest environments in Whistler, Squamish, & North Shore trails
  • Designed & manufactured by Vorsprung in Whistler
  • Compatible with our Luftkappe air spring upgrade kits

Fractive Options

  • 5 different tunes available. Select the most appropriate one from our YouTune calculator HERE.
  • Send your fork to us for installation, or order for self-install

Included in the Fractive user-install kit

  • Fractive high performance compression piston
  • Your selected compression valve stack. No rebound changes are made.


Who it is for

  • Riders who want improved support, compliance, grip and control from their Fit4-damped fork, without harshness or the blowing-through feel
  • Riders who prioritise HSC adjustment and usable compression damping over lockouts and platform systems
  • Riders serious about performance

"I just wanted to follow up and let you know the Luftkappe and Fractive tune on the fork are incredible. I have 3 rides on it now and have the settings almost all dialed. Things I’m noticing so far:

  1. The fork smooths out the small chatter making it much easier on my hands and wrists
  2. Large hits are very controlled and it has a much more bottomless feel
  3. The control it gives me going through chunky corners is scary good. I’ve always liked the feel of the rear suspension on the bike, but it can’t keep up to the fork now in these situations.

I’m a very happy customer! Thanks for the awesome service."
Steven Wiebe

Fractive Compatible Forks:

  • 32 Factory Series Fit4 forks, from 2016-18
  • 34 Factory Series Fit4 forks, from 2016-18
  • 36 Factory Series Fit4 forks, from 2016-18
  • 40 Performance Series Elite forks, from 2016-18

    Any spring system in any of the above forks (Talas, Float or the 40 VAN) works fine as the spring system is in the left leg, this part is going in the right leg.

Pricing: Starting at $150 - Buy Now

Incompatible Forks

  • Any remote-lockout or remote-adjust forks. These are not compatible.
  • Any StepCast forks (32 or 34)
  • 32, 34 or 36 Performance Series (P-S) forks with only the 3-position adjuster (no black low speed compression dial).
  • Any Fit Grip forks
  • Any RC2-damped forks (36 or 40) with high and low speed compression dials
  • Any Rhythm forks

The No-BS Limitations

  • If you want a lockout or a "pedal mode", this is not for you. The mode selector now becomes a high speed compression (HSC) adjuster and does NOT make a perceptible difference at low speed (ie bouncing on the fork) as its effect is very much separated from the LSC adjuster. It does however make a substantial difference at high speeds. If that would bother you, keep your stock damper.
  • Self-install on these is not simple. Please read the installation manual before ordering a kit for self-install and ensure you are capable and comfortable carrying this out.
  • We do not sell tools for self-install of these parts at this time - Fox does however.
  • This kit cannot address air spring concerns. Our Luftkappe upgrades however can help with that.
  • Our valving recommendations are based on our testing, and are aimed at centering you in the adjustment range. The range of adjustment is quite wide, and you will still need to spend some time finding the setup you like best.
  • This will not turn your 100mm travel XC race bike into a 200mm DH bike. Sorry.


Full factory info here

Grip2 damper Upgrade


The Fox Grip2 damper is the benchmark for unparalleled ride quality and ultra-precise adjustability. GRIP2 includes our patented Variable Valve Control (VVC) technology which allows for external fine-tuning of suspension performance. GRIP2 achieves with the twist of a knob what typically requires the time consuming and complicated task of completely disassembling and reassembling the fork.

The damper unit provides the following adjustments:

  • High-speed compression (w/VVC)     8 clicks
  • Low-speed compression   16 clicks
  • High-speed rebound (w/VVC)   8 clicks
  • Low-speed rebound   16 clicks

Pricing from $749.95 Fitted

Vorsprung Secus

Vorsprung created an air spring with a truly better spring rate, everywhere in the travel, than a coil. The Secus upgrade delivers the first and only air spring system to really come indistinguishably close to the linear spring rate of a coil fork for the entire first 2/3rds of its travel, with the advantage of a gentle end stroke progression to prevent bottoming without the “wall of force” harshness that excessively progressive springs create.

Secus Advantages:

  • An enlarged negative air spring chamber delivers a soft, supple initial stroke for ultimate small bump compliance (yes, even compared to the Luftkappe)
  • Proprietary Midstroke Support Valve improves predictability and support beyond the sag point
  • Reduced lower leg pneumatic ramp means better scalability of the air spring, particularly for light riders who previously struggled to use full travel
  • Plush and predictable like a coil, bottomless like an air spring
  • Allows full use of travel in both directions - fully extends to topout without any quibbles (including on Debonair B1 air springs) and fully compresses without excessive ramp
  • Allows more lower leg bath oil to be used for superior lubrication
  • Considerably lighter than coil conversions - adds approximately 130g
  • Simple setup - inflate fork, bounce on it a few times, press MSV charge button, go ride
  • Compatible with OEM volume spacers for end-stroke progression adjustment
  • Compatible with other aftermarket top-cap systems such as DSD Runt and MRP Ramp Control
  • Lower compression ratios mean a more consistent spring rate
  • Transferrable between any Secus-compatible forks with only a footstud to change at most.

Three Stages of Control

By independently optimising the beginning, middle and end portions of the stroke, the Secus gives you the linear-to-progressive spring rate that coil springs and traditional air springs alike wish they had.

Initial stroke - enlarged negative air spring chamber delivers a soft, supple initial stroke for ultimate small bump compliance.

Midstroke - where traditional air spring rates drop off in the midstroke, our proprietary Midstroke Support Valve technology boosts the midstroke spring rate to maintain linearity, for support, predictability, ride height and compliance

End stroke - enlarged lower leg volume reduces overall progression even at higher pressures and allows for a wider range of end-stroke ramp options to be utilised with standard fork volume spacers.

Price from $499.95 or call for more info.

Custom damper tuning

Custom Tuning depending on what the customer is wanting. We can increase or decrease the high speed compression or high speed rebound circuit to suit the customer needs.


  • Anti dive control
  • high speed rebound control  
  • mid valve support

Compatible with - RC2, FIT4, CTD, RLC, R.

From 59.99 + Performance Service

Please note: All upgrades on brand new suspension will get a discount as they will not need everything a Performance Full Service offers!

Air Volume Spacers

Changing volume spacers in the shock is an internal adjustment that allows you to change the amount of mid stroke and bottom out resistance.

  • If you have set your sag correctly and are using full travel (bottoming out) too easily, then you could install a larger spacer to increase bottom out resistance.
  • If you have set your sag correctly and are not using full travel, then you could install a smaller spacer to decrease bottom out resistance.

$7.99 each + performance service

Please note: All upgrades on brand new suspension will get a discount as they will not need everything a Performance Service offers!