How to send your hardware to CJ Suspension NZ

Step 1

Get your suspension off your bike

Take your suspension off your bike if you feel comfortable! If you don't feel confident enough to do this take your bike to the local bike store and they can take off and send your suspension to CJSuspension NZ. This will be at an extra cost!

Step 2: Sending to CJ Suspension

  • Find a cardboard box and some bubblewrap to send and wrap your suspension in!
  • Get a service slot using the Online Booking widget. Download and print the service form if you need or write your own note!
  • Send to:
    Attn: CJ Suspension NZ, 29 Walton Way
    Lower Shotover, Queenstown 9317
    027 239 3072
  • Now - all you need to do is take to your local Courier or Post Shop and send it off !

Step 3: Wait till your suspension is serviced

  • Normal wait time on suspension is 1 - 2 days depending on what the job is!!
  • Cam "CJ" Johnson will be in contact with you so be close to the Phone!
  • If you think you have a difficult job, call me on 027 239 3072 and I'll be able to order any special parts ahead of time!

Step 4: Your Suspension Is back...

now go riding !!!


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