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Rockshox super deluxe series - Air & Coil shock performance service

  • Full rebuild and clean
  • High quality anti foaming damper oil
  • Low friction o - ring grease
  • Low friction damper o - rings
  • Low friction air sleeve seals
  • Vacuum bleed damper
  • Nitrogen gas in both internal and external
  • Clickers set to original setting or to recommended start point.

Performance Service $250

Please note: All upgrades on brand new suspension will get a discount as they will not need everything a Performance Service offers!

Please get in contact before sending suspension in for all upgrades as we might have to order in!

Vorsprung Tractive Valve Tuning System - Rockshox Super Deluxe Air/Coil

Features and Benefits:

  • Improved support
  • Superior stability and predictability
  • Improved compliance
  • Improved traction
  • Upgrade compression base valve assembly
  • (RC3) More usable 3-position compression adjuster with evenly spaced settings
  • (RCT, RC) Higher-resolution compression adjustment range
  • Pressure-balanced valving to provide sensitivity and support without cavitation
  • Custom Tractive Valve Tuning System tune selection for each rider based on frame, weight, terrain, aggression and preference
  • Custom compression & rebound tunes
  • Nitrogen charged via low-profile reservoir end cap
  • All upgrade parts developed, tested and machined by Vorsprung in Whistler
  • Internal alterations to reduce the typical knocking during direction changes
  • Recommendations on spring pressure and volume spacer alterations if necessary

"Begin with the end in mind." - Stephen Covey

In 2011, before the company even officially existed, Vorsprung founder Steve Mathews had begun work on what went on to become the Tractive Valve Tuning System. Rather than being a single physical part or mechanism, Tractive encompasses the single most comprehensive and consistent method of damper tuning ever seen in the mountain bike world. Working with engineers from one of the world's foremost mathematical computing companies, we have developed a truly one-of-a-kind system - and this particular kit is only the beginning. Big claims, we know. What sets Tractive apart?

Tractive is a process, not just a part.

What is the process?

The process begins with the end result that we are trying to achieve with a particular damper curve - it must provide sufficient, but not excessive resistance to compression and extension, in proportion to the rider's demands.

How do we define and measure this correct amount? It needs to be measured at the wheel - the only place that matters. But direct measurement of forces and velocities at the rear wheel are very difficult to make - especially when the leverage ratio between the axle and the shock is constantly changing. And is the rider a timid 45kg (100lbs) novice, or a hard-charging 140kg (300lbs) professional, or someone more "average" in stature?

Our Elite Partner Tuning Centres around the world now have access to our proprietary, cloud-based Tractive Valve Tuning System calculation software. This software lets the tuner observe the true response at the wheel when considering the rider's weight, the bike's leverage rate and the damper curve generated by a specific tune.

Unprecedented Tuning Advantages:

• Direct comparisons can be visualised between any riders, on any bikes, with suitable benchmarks established and repeatably matched - an industry first.
• Our ever-growing database and the ability to directly compare two scenarios like this gives us an unparalleled ability to analyse and summarise feedback over time.
• Benchmarks are able to shift locally to reflect the different terrain demands in different parts of the world
• The combined experience of your local suspension tuner and Vorsprung's own expertise can be leveraged to get you the best out of your shock

Proprietary cloud-based tune calculation software enables elite level tuners around the world direct access to our database for comparison of different scenarios.

With Tractive, you directly benefit not just from Vorsprung's knowledge, but from the collective experience of all of our partners around the world.

Tractive Valve Tuning Systems are built with the following approach:

  • Damper architecture weaknesses and problems identified and improved upon with upgrade parts
  • Damper tunes selected to be the most suitable custom valving for the rider, frame and terrain
  • Damper adjustment ranges and modes altered if necessary

Who is the Tractive Valve Tuning System for the Super Deluxe NOT suited for:

  • Riders who already exceed the maximum rated air pressure of their shock. You need a different shock, sorry! However, a Super Deluxe Coil may be for you.
  • Riders who want a firmer-than-stock lockout. The Tractive system offers a firm compression mode rather than a lockout for climbing traction, but if a near-rigid lockout is non-negotiable, look elsewhere. We don't firm up the lockout because it inhibits performance of the shock when unlocked.
  • Riders who want to service their damper at home. The Tractive kit for Super Deluxe is not available for self-install or self-service as it requires both a vacuum bleeder and a nitrogen charging system to install.
  • Riders who are using the Air version of the Super Deluxe on a frame that is excessively progressive or otherwise completely unsuited to air shocks. These will work better with a Super Deluxe coil shock.



Tractive Valve for Rockshox Super Deluxe - $400NZD including full service and installation. Buy Now

How do I make my Super Deluxe a Tractive?

The Tractive kit for the Super Deluxe is not available for self-install, so you'll need to send your shock in to CJ Suspension in Queenstown. Follow these steps to get it done:
  1. Place an order through this page to order your Tractive Tune. It will take your address and you can pre-pay for the Tractive Tune and the return shipping.
  2. Ship your shock to us (or drop it to us if you're lucky enough to be nearby). Shipping instructions can be found HERE.
We'll then get everything taken care of and have your shock Tractive Tuned and shipped back to you as soon as possible. If we have questions or other concerns, we'll contact you, and of course you are welcome to contact us with any questions you have.


The Tractive kit for the Super Deluxe works with air or coil, in the RC3, RCT, RTR (Remote) and RC variants. It is not compatible with Super Deluxe R variants which has no compression lever.

Tuning with air volume spacers

Changing volume spacers in the shock is an internal adjustment that allows you to change the amount of mid stroke and bottom out resistance.

  • If you have set your sag correctly and are using full travel (bottoming out) too easily, then you could install a larger spacer to increase bottom out resistance.
  • If you have set your sag correctly and are not using full travel, then you could install a smaller spacer to decrease bottom out resistance.

from $2.99 each + performance service

Please note: All upgrades on brand new suspension will get a discount as they will not need everything a Performance Service offers!

MegNeg Airsleeve

Featuring more tunability than ever before, the Megneg air can provides an even larger negative volume giving you more mid-stroke support, a plusher initial feeling, and more bottom out force using less tokens. Go ahead and tune your shock exactly to your ride.

  • Includes air can, tokens, seals & decals
  • Compatible with Deluxe and Super Deluxe shocks
  • MegNeg air can is not compatible with MY21 Super Deluxe Ultimate ThruShaft.

The MegNeg (aka Mega Negative) aftermarket air can provides better small bump compliance, reduces the amount of force it takes to get into your bike's travel, and is harder to bottom out than the standard air can.

from $199.95 Fitted.