Rockshox Motion Control Rebuild Package

The Full Rebuild Package for your 2005 - 2020 Motion Control Forks

Please note: the different outer diameter of 32mm wiper kits 42mm and 41mm.

Package contains 

  • WPL 5wt, high performance damper lubricant.
  • WPL 20wt, high performance bath lubricant.
  • WPL ForkBoost, air piston lube and wiper seal maintenance. 
  • RacingBros Non Flange, low friction wiper seal kit.
  • Slickoleum 1oz Tub, low friction dynamic seal grease.
  • Non Flange Seal Driver, for pressing wiper seals in straight and flush.

Please see link below to make sure you are purchasing the correct rebuild package.

If you aren't sure, please feel free to give us an email!