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Whistler Performance Lubricants

Wet Chain Lube


  • Premium bio-based formula made with natural ingredients
  • EmulsifiteTM technology provides dynamic cleaning abilities and prevents black goop build-up
  • Long-lasting formula improves pedal efficiency by reducing chain wear and friction
  • For use on bicycle chains, shifters, derailleurs and cables
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic, PTFE-free formula is environmentally friendly
  • Made in Canada


WPL Wet Chain Lube is a premium bio-based chain lube providing efficient pedalling and long lasting performance to cyclists of all disciplines. Formulated specifically for wet conditions and long-distance riding, proprietary EmulsifiteTM technology allows for easy cleaning of the chain after long rides by dissolving under high pressure water. The concentration of Emulsifites in the lube has been fine tuned to resist puddle and rainwater but to activate under high pressure water from a hose. All you have to do is spray your chain with water after your ride, and the accumulated dirt and grime will disappear.


  1. Clean chain with WPL Bio-Solvent Degreaser.
  2. Apply lube to inside links of chain.
  3. Wipe away excess lube.
  4. Upon dirt build-up, spray chain with water to activate EmulsifiteTM technology.
  5. Enjoy clean chain and re-apply lube.